• Biomethane Technologies:
    ingeniously simple and simply ingenious
  • A proven technology with
    an extensive safety record,
    manufactured in Canada
  • Bio-Methatech can respond to any
    customer's waste requirements
  • Components that maximize
    biogas production while
    minimizing operating costs

Established in 2006, Bio-Methatech is a renewable energy company that designs and builds LIPP GmbH biogas plants. We are proud to offer world-class biogas systems that are designed and manufactured in Canada to North American customers’ specifications. Developed in Germany, the LIPP patented Double-Fold System® technology allows for easy and rapid installation of high-quality plants that provide a long service life. LIPP has constructed and commissioned over 700 installations worldwide (Germany, Holland, Switzerland, China, Japan, Australia, Peru, Italy and now Canada!) over a span of 35 years, which has allowed the company to earn the trust of many valued customers.

  • Installation Technology


    A rapid and simple patented process that meets the highest standards in quality and safety. Learn more

  • Methanization Technology

    Heating pipes.

    Components that maximize biogas production while minimizing costs. Learn more

  • Integrated System Solutions

    Plant plans.

    Customizable, complete solutions for each individual project. Learn more

  • Experience You Can Count On

    Municipal waste water plant.

    Bio-methatech can respond to any customer’s waste requirements. Learn more

  • Get in touch now with a Bio-Methatech specialist to learn how our solutions can respond to your waste requirements.